Nahr Al-Ataa LLC, A leading international company for trade and freight in the Middle East. It is the first provider of transportation services and logistic solutions in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon, With its proven experience for more than a decade and a half and its advanced integrated structure in the field of logistic supply, where a fleet of modern trucks, to warehouses and stores in major Syrian, Iraqi and Lebanese cities, as well as trained and qualified team to undertake the complete management of logistics, warehousing and supply-chain activities, also custom clearance services at all crossings and ports, so that customers can focus on their core business along with achieving full service.

Continuing unlimited geographical expansion of branches and agreements with international companies enable the company to carry out maritime and air cargo operations to ensure the best service to its customers to all important business destinations and markets in the Middle East, Asia and Europe.

The success of the Company 's performance is based on an efficient organization, a dynamic management, and projects planning implemented through successive processes of merging, takeovers and strategic plans committed to client’s satisfaction as well as maximizing profitability for shareholders.



To gain the loyalty and trust of our customers, employees and shareholders by setting new industry standards through timely, safe, environment-friendly, cost effective logistics services.


Connecting Economies, Sharing Prosperity and Driving Excellence in Global Logistics Services in the Middle East and North of Africa.


Generosity, Growing,
Trust, Teamwork,
Leadership and Leveraging expertise.

Innovative solutions and ideas and relying on advanced technology to achieve high-quality services to live up the essence of the delivery service on the speed and safety.

Corporate governance by establish a transparent corporate governance, which will consequently protects the interests of shareholders and contribute to improving the living conditions in the community.

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